Benefits of Having a Third -Party Validate Privacy Data Collection for Online Companies

Why Donít Consumers Like Sharing Personal Data With Online Companies?

Customers online face the ever-present threat of their information falling into the wrong hands. Users also fear their data may be used for other purposes not mentioned in the privacy agreement by the company. More than 80% of users feel that they lose control over how their data is collected, stored, and used by online companies once they sign up.

Why Do Consumers need to Share Their Personal Data with Online Companies?

Online companies require the personal data of their users so they can contact them for future marketing campaigns. It allows them to plan strategically and develop products based on the needs and preferences of their consumers and target market. Personal data of users can be a powerful tool for any online company to reach out to existing customers and promote new deals, products, and services.

How Can Online Companies Misuse Consumer Personal Data?

Once consumers share their personal data with online companies, they have limited control over how their data is used. Most online companies have stringent policies on how they use this data, but some have been known to overreach and misuse it. Online companies can make more marketing and promotional calls, which may feel like harassment to some users. They can also sell the personal data of consumers to other companies and third-party vendors.

What Is a Third-Party Verification Company?

A third-party verification company is like a middleman. It is an unbiased middle entity responsible for governing the use of personal data based on the terms provided by online companies. They keep an eye on how personal data from consumers is collected, stored, and used. Their main objective is to prevent online companies from violating their terms and misusing consumer personal data. They also ensure that user data never falls into the wrong hands.

How TrustedRoads Acts As a Middle Entity?

TrustedRoads works with online companies to add a privacy rating plugin to their lead generation page. When users give their personal data, they can review the online companyís rating and be comfortable when sharing their information. At any point, users can log in to and manage all their consents with the agreed terms. can open an incident with TrustedRoads and all valid incidents will reduce the online company's rating to collect personal data